Whether you’re in need of a brainstorm or a complete brand overhaul, we specialize in brand analysis, identifying untapped market space, brand positioning, target consumer identification, competitor analysis and creative brand strategies.

Our process centers around brand discovery and is designed to highlight and identify what makes your brand unique, so we can bring those attributes to the surface. We start with a review of your brand or business, we learn your history, we identify your strengths, weaknesses, and goals and we create a road map for success.

From there we analyze the competition, define your target customer and carve out your white space: the untapped segment of the market that you can leverage and call your own.

The end result being powerful, authentic and consistent brand identities and strategies.

  • Brand Consultation
  • Research & Audit
  • Brand Discovery & Immersion
  • Brand Standards


Brand discovery

A brand is a commitment made and kept. A promise by which you appeal to your market, their passions and their needs. The quality of your brand is a direct reflection of your commitment to deliver what you promise.

Branding is the act of positioning. Branding is the act of highlighting the core identity of your brand and communicating those traits to your target market in a relevant manner. By establishing a personality, a stance, a vibe, a set of beliefs, and most importantly, a shared passion between your brand and your customers, you not only show your commitment and your ability to make good on your promise, you actually begin to build a relationship with them.

We help our clients design brand materials that define and deliver on this promise - across multiple touch points. We understand that the branding and overall look and feel of a company is a large part of the customer experience and sets the tone for their interaction.

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  • Brand Strategy for Stowe Mt. Club
  • Brand Strategy for Stowe Mt. Club
  • Brand Strategy for Stowe Mt. Club
  • Brand Strategy for Stowe Mt. Club

Stowe Mt. Club

As the east coast’s premier mountain resort, the Stowe Mountain Club sets a new bar for rustic elegance. When this members only clubhouse needed a logo and branding suite that would represent the best Vermont had to offer, they turned to Four Nine Design.

The club wanted to feature a cowbell in the branding to pay tribute to Swiss ski racing heritage, as slopeside spectators have rung a cowbell during ski races throughout the history of the sport. We played up this aspect as we developed the master logo, a suite of secondary logos, a color palette and brand standards.

The branding is featured across various applications throughout the club and resort.


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  • Brand Strategy for SND
  • Brand Strategy for SND
  • Brand Strategy for SND
  • Brand Strategy for SND

Smugglers' Notch Distillery

We’ve helped SND with their marketing and branding from the beginning. We helped position their brand with a high-end look and feel that is a true representation of the quality product SND produces and has won countless awards for.

As their brand continues to grow and push the boundaries of small batch craft spirits, we continue to help them differentiate their brand with a range of branding and design work that lives up to the quality of their spirits.


View the Client Case Study: Smugglers' Notch Distillery

  • Brand Messaging and Copwriting for Renoun
  • Brand Messaging and Copwriting for Renoun
  • Brand Messaging and Copwriting for Renoun
  • Brand Messaging and Copwriting for Renoun

Renoun Skis

The ski industry is full of enthusiasts who dream of developing a revolutionary product or changing the industry, but more often than not their idea has either been done before or the dream fizzles out before it sees the light of day - but not in the case of Renoun.

As a young start up brand founded in 2011, Renoun had quietly developed and launched a revolutionary ski technology. For Renoun, product development came easy, but navigating a way to introduce and position the brand within and industry of established competition was not as simple. That when Four Nine stepped in to lend branding and positioning expertise.

We began with a brand immersion and target consumer id. From there we established the visual direction and positioning, and worked with the client to develop their overall marketing strategy which included ad campaign development, graphic design, photo & video shoots, and a website.


View the Client Case Study: Renoun Skis