With so many brands producing so many products, across so many markets — today’s shelves, racks, and displays are packed with bright, bold packaging making it that much more challenging for your brand to stand out.

Having a unique brand identity and a look all your own is key to maximizing product exposure and brand traction that will ensure visibility both in store and on line.

As a Vermont based creative studio we’ve been developing packaging solutions for over 14 years. Coming from a state known for its craft product, we’ve been put to the test and have built a reputation for designing packaging that stands out when our clients need it the most.

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  • Packaging Design
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  • Packaging Design for Long Trail
  • Packaging Design for Long Trail
  • Packaging Design for Long Trail
  • Packaging Design for Long Trail
  • Packaging Design for Long Trail

Long Trail Brewing Co.

Constantly pushing the limits, Long Trail Brewing Co. launched its S.M.a.S.H. – Single Malt, Single Hops project. The seasonal limited release series breaks brewing down to its basic elements by using only a single malt and single hop variety for each brew.

When Long Trail asked us to come up with a unique look for the series, we knew the design had to be as simple and elegant as the beer. We delivered with an un-crowded layout and custom illustrations that play up the simple beauty of nature. The series consisted of 4 different brews and each recieved its own unique seasonal art.


Project: Packaging Design and Layout

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Packaging & Labeling

Four Nine Design has worked with a plethora of craft food and beverage companies over the years. We are skilled at understanding the market space for craft products and have unparalleled experience in creating unique labels and designs that pop off the shelves.

From a logistical standpoint, we are familiar with the FDA and TTB approval processes, and design around their regulations — saving time on the back-and-forth of the approval process. We are also very familiar with the templates and intricacies of the printing process for not only labels, but also the associated caseboxes, etc..

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