Your logo is your most visually recognizable image and takes on a whole new meaning when seen in 3 dimensions. To support sales wherever our client's product are sold, we develop creative, eye catching branded environments and point of sale materials that help reinforce brand identity and tell the brand story.

Signage, tents, blow ups, banners, storefronts, displays and fixtures — we can help bring your logo and physical space to life to tell a proactive, purposeful story, that aligns with and advances your brand presence.

  • Branded Event Materials
  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Sign Design


  • Graphic Design for Long Trail Brewing Co.
  • Graphic Design for Long Trail Brewing Co.
  • Graphic Design for Long Trail Brewing Co.
  • Graphic Design for Long Trail Brewing Co.
  • Graphic Design for Long Trail Brewing Co.

Long Trail Brewing Co.

Event Signage

Long Trail Brewing Co. has been a vendor at the Big E for many years. The annual fall festival celebrates the best New England has to offer and Long Trail's portfolio of brews are certainly in that class

Long Trail called on Four Nine Design to help brand their event space in the Vermont House (a building at the festival devoted to Vermont products). They have a large space that draws huge crowds, and really wanted to give the space a unique, Vermont look. We obliged with signage inspired by the state's argricultural heritage. The exhibit featured a beer menu, merchandising sales, and directoinal signal to tame the crowd.


Project: Environmental Branding & Sign Design

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Our agency works with a design first focus and we’ve built a reputation for bringing design concepts to life. We specialize in sophisticated design and campaign solutions that take creative materials to the next level by communicating our clients message in a manner that is relevant and inspirational to their target market.

From the creative perspective, we listen to you, we talk with you, we consider your ideas, we get to know your market, we gauge the pulse of your customers, and your competition. Then we determine the best means to develop your brand in a way that differentiates it to ensure a unique representation.

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