Taking your brand position, your voice and your target audience into account, we specialize in creating smart, eye-catching print and digital ad campaigns that stay on-message and respect your brand vision.

Our campaigns are designed to put your product, service and message in front of your target audience so they not only remember your brand, but are motivated to spread your message for you.

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  • Advertising for Okemo
  • Advertising for Okemo
  • Advertising for Okemo
  • Advertising for Okemo

Okemo Mountain Resort

As one of the largest ski resorts on the east coast, Okemo turned to Four Nine to reinvigorate their brand campaign which had been in play for close to 20 years.

A major component of the campaign was the resort's winter advertising. Picking up off of the baseline design, graphics, and messaging established in that winter's creative campaign we designed and developed a full print and digital ad suite.

The look and feel had to be fun and appeal to the whole family. Bright colors and family specific photography, coupled with a suite of custom "accolade" icons brought the ads and campaign to life.


Project: Advertising Design and Layout, Advertising Production

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Be unique, be recognized, be successful.

Our agency works with a design first focus and we’ve built a reputation for bringing design concepts to life. We specialize in sophisticated design and campaign solutions that take creative materials to the next level by communicating our clients message in a manner that is relevant and inspirational to their target market.

From the creative perspective, we listen to you, we talk with you, we consider your ideas, we get to know your market, we gauge the pulse of your customers, and your competition. Then we determine the best means to develop your brand in a way that differentiates it to ensure a unique representation.

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