Four Nine Design - Vermont logo and brand identity design
Four Nine Design - Vermont logo and brand identity design

Knowing who your brand is, who your brand wants to be, and what your brand will stand for is crucial to differentiating yourself from your competition and establishing your position in the market.

We work to detail a clearly defined picture of your brand, your product promise, your mission statement, buzzwords and branded terminology. This set a solid direction for the brand and allows you, your staff internally, and agencies like ours to work on behalf of your brand with clarity and direction.



Design Process Step One

1. Brand Immersion

Knowing the who, what, why, and how of your brand will allow your customers to know exactly who you are, what you do, why they should care about your brand, how your brand will impact their lives, and most importantly why they should talk about you positively to their peers.

Four Nine’s Brand Discovery starts with a comprehensive dive into the perception of your brand. We identify what separates you from the industry, determining what problems you intend to address or solve, your vision of the market. We then identify competitors and like brands, and determine how your brand fits into the mix and differentiates itself. We will develop and work through a number of exercises on our own, and in conjunction with your staff to discover the core messaging and desired position.

As a means to ensure the development of a unique brand identity that will not infringe on any existing brands or branding within related markets, you can put trust in the fact that Four Nine has researched your industry and the positioning currently occupied by competitors and similar brands within the market.


Taking these findings into account, and upon completing a thorough review of your branded materials, our team will begin the process of developing a comprehensive definition of the following elements.

• Competition & Like Brands
• Target Consumer ID (Written & Visual)
• Design Inspiration (Written & Moodboards)
• Brand Inspiration (Visual Moodboards)
• Brand Pillars
• Buzz Words / Branded Terminology
• About / Brand Intro Copy
• USP or Tagline
• Mission Statement
• Brand & Product Promise / Competitive Advantage
• Brand Standards Guide

Design Process Step One

2. Visual Brand Identity

Following our findings from the immersion next we’ll dive into the exciting part - seeing your vision and your brand identity become a reality.

First we start with your logo - your most visually recognizable marketing asset.

A well designed logo should:

• Be an honest reflection of the brand’s positioning and promise
• Provide differentiation from competitors
• Allow for easy recognition and associations
• Be based on a strong creative idea
• Be applicable in a variety of ways (black & white, color, large, small, horizontal, vertical, printed, digital, on product packaging, merchandise & signage, etc)

To bring your brand to the forefront, Four Nine Design will develop a corporate brand identity and logo that communicates and reinforces your brand position, your identity and mission across a range of orientations, breakouts and applications.

Four Nine will develop unique logo comps that ensure market separation and an on brand representation of your brands core values. From your feedback and focus group testing (should you request it) a final direction will be set and rounds of revisions will be provided and worked through to completion.


• A comprehensive logo suite including all primary, secondary and tertiary marks and breakouts as vector based print ready files.

Design Process Step One

3. Brand Standards

In support of your new logo, Four Nine Design will make sure you have all the tools needed to maintain your new brand identity with visual integrity across all communication channels and marketing platforms.

Four Nine will establish, outline and document a comprehensive design language and brand standards guide to ensure uniformity throughout all marketing communications and applications.


• An application guideline of your logo, supporting fonts, color pallet, secondary and tertiary brand marks, and supporting design elements. A brand standards guide can be made available upon request.
• Brand Standards Guide will be provided as a PDF document