Four Nine Design - Vermont logo and brand identity design
Four Nine Design - Vermont logo and brand identity design

Your logo is your most powerful creative element, an uncompromising symbol of your brand, your product, your potential, and will undoubtedly become your most visually recognizable marketing asset. A well designed logo should:

• Be an honest reflection of the brand’s positioning and promise
• Provide differentiation from competitors
• Allow for easy recognition and associations
• Be based on a strong creative idea
• Be applicable in a variety of ways (black & white, color, large, small, horizontal, vertical, printed, digital, on product packaging, merchandise & signage, etc)



Design Process Step One

1. Research & Project Outline

Every good plan needs a road map and a clear set of goals. To begin the process, we’ll conduct a jump off meeting and complete a project brief that outlines key deliverables, deadlines and targets to guide the development and timeline for this project.

This in person meeting will help establish an understanding of your vision and desired results, we’ll review examples of branded work, your brand standards guide and develop a work flow / process between your staff and our team of designers. Within this phase we’ll outline:

• Project Leaders and Team Members; including preferred method of communication and contact info
• Details and milestones
• General content outline
• Specific project requirements
• Gather assets
• Review samples and reference materials

Design Process Step One

2. Design Direction

To get started, we will prepare and deliver a set of directional mood-boards consisting of unique design directions for you to review and critique. These mood-boards will allow us to establish a visual / design direction prior to beginning work on your logo. Doing so will ensure we are on the right path and not infringing on any designs of other brands within your market and ultimately delivering a visual direction that speaks your vision.

Design Process Step One

3. Design

Based on the design direction established from the mood-boards we will prepare and deliver unique logo comps for you to review. These comps will be designed with the intention of establishing the look for your corporate mark to be featured on signage, packaging, website, point of purchase materials, merchandise, etc.

Design Process Step Four

4. Client Feedback & Revisions

From the initial comps provided you will select the option or elements from them that best suit your needs and liking. From there we will finalize the logo by providing rounds of revisions to fine tune and complete your logo design.

Design Process Step Five

5. Logo Standards and Usage Guide

In support of your new logo, Four Nine Design will make sure you have all the tools needed to maintain your new brand identity with visual integrity across all communication channels and marketing platforms.

Four Nine will establish, outline and document a comprehensive logo standards and usage guide to ensure uniform use throughout all marketing communications. This includes all colorways, usage standards and file breakouts.